Vikings in Vinland

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Greenland - 993 - Ten years after Leif Ericsson's return to Greenland from Vinland (North America) all the Vikings of the settlement are gathered for a celebration.  The show begins with an introduction of Eric the Red, Leif's father and the "founder" of Greenland.  Next the great Leif Ericsson appears and his famous journey is then recounted.  With Ericsson, we meet Bjarni Herjulfsson - the man who charted the western islands years before.  Next, Leif loads his longship with provisions contributed by various settlement folk. 
     We then set off in search of land to the west.  Ericsson's first sighting brings him to "Helluland" (Baffin Island) and the flora and fauna of the region are recorded by Tyrkir.  Using the runic alphabet, Tyrkir was the only Viking among the crew who could read or write.  It is then off to "Markland" (Labrador) where the skraelings (natives) are encountered. 
     Finally the crew find themselves in Vinland (Newfoundland) where they settle in for the winter.  They entertain themselves with Norse tales, wrestling matches and energetic stalwart dances to pass the long winter nights.  The program concludes with Leif's return to Greenland and the marriage of his brother, Thorstein to Gudrid.

Gudrid Ericsson - is a historical Nordic woman.  It is said she was the most well-traveled woman in the world in the tenth century.  She wears traditional Viking apparel with tunic, underdress, head piece and pouch.  Her accessories are made of leather and fur. 

Best for grades K - Adult

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