The American Revolution

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Philadelphia - 1776   The American Revolution depicts the major events that led up to the revolt against the British when taxes were imposed on the colonists after the French and Indian War.    
     With the help of fiery Sam Adams, Abigail Datchery (and students) reconstruct the 1770's Boston Massacre, the 1773 Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere's historic ride to Lexington, where the first shot of the revolution was fired. 
     Along with turning points in our country's political history, the show depicts eighteenth-century customs, including an aristocratic formal gala.  The dance (attended by John Hancock, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin) is led by Miss Datchery and performed beautifully by the students and teachers.

Abigail Datchery - Miss Datchery is a fictitious character patterned after the colonial aristocracy in the late eighteenth-century. 
     Her exquisite custom-made dress is complete with a bum-roll and farthingale to extend her skirt.  She also sports a matching hat and powdered wig, in keeping the fashion of the colonial period. 

Best for grades 4 - 8

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