Pioneer Travel on the Oregon Trail

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Independence, MO 1860s   Pioneer Travel on the Oregon Trail re-enacts a day of westward covered-wagon travel.  As the journey begins, pioneer Penny Pritchard shows "young frontiersmen" how to properly pack their wagons with food, medicines, tools and other necessities and she instructs them on how they'll use oxen, mules, horses, scouts and hunters.  Along the way, the group is met with buffalo stampedes, snakebites and other challenging obstacles.  The program ends at the evening campsite.  After their meal, the banjo player strikes up a tune and a lively country-dance is enjoyed by all.

Penny Pritchard - is a strong, self-reliant fictitious pioneer woman.  She is dressed in traditional nineteenth-century long-sleeved dress with bonnet.

Best for grades K - 5

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